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  Pearls are from some cores between shell and body in Pteria martensii (Dunker ) , Hyriopsis cumingii ( Lea ) or Cristaria plicata ( Leach ), and oysters are stimulated to secret mucus and cover them. Cores are natural or artificial (4,5,6,7). Pearl power is made of pearl, and crashed and sterilized by machine. According from different originals, we distinguish whether pearl is cultured in the water or sea. In the past, they were producted in the nature. But now, we can culture a lot of oysters and product pearls in the lakes, rivers, or seas. According to Journal of China Pharmacology at issue 5 in 1989, China Army 313 Hospital recognizes which pearl cultured in the water or sea is better, and it analyzes and compares them. As a result, they are no difference. They have the same chemical components such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Fe3+, Mn2+, Cu2+,CO3 2-, C2O42-, and more than 15 kinds of amino acids. They also have a lot of CaCO3.  

Pearl Powder Processing:

Pearl powder is made of pearls. In tradition, we crash pearls by grinding in water according to China Pharmacopoeia and Standard of Chinese Herb Processing. Due to a lot of consumption in the market, it is not effective and easy for traditional processing to product pearl powder in a long period and keep a clean environment. As a result, many manufactures innovate new technology such as machine, ball-grind, and air-grind crashing. It is the best way for air-grind with liquid nitrogen to crash pearls because it is good to maintain low temperature product except hot destroying.  

Instant Pearl Powder:

Due to difficult to dissolve pearl powder with water, it is easy for us to take and absorb instant pearl powder. Because of hydrolyzed by enzyme, our body applies for it effectively. It is dissolved with water above 98 %. Young people absorb it about 95 %. Although elders' gastrointestinal functions are not well, elders absorb it arriving 50%. Perhaps, when we hydrolyze pearls, we destroy amino acids. However, we enhance calcium ions freeing. At the same time, it is also a good resource to get calcium for age people.  

Super-Tiny Pearl Powder:

Although it is hard to absorb for human to take un-hydrolyzed pearl, we can operate the modern machine to grind pearl powder nearby 1800 meshes, about 12 µm. It is really smooth to smear skin. It is a good and natural cosmetic to keep skin moisturizer. According to chemical analysis in China Pharmacy University , it is no difference both components of cultured pearls in sea and water. Due to very mini, it also keeps original components as before. Moreover, it is easy to extract free amino acids, so we can check the high quality by HPLC for super-tiny pearl powder. In medical properties, it is sweet and salty in flavour, cold in nature, and attributable to the liver and heart meridian. Major functions are transquilizing (a treatment for restlessness, palpitation and insomnia), blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid due to retention of the fire-evil in the body attacking the eye), and removing toxic material (4,5,6).


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