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   Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels, Tang-kuei, is from the root of Tang-kuei, family Umbelliferae. The medical material is mainly produced in the areas of Gansu and Shaanxi province. The quality of Tang-kuei is produced better in Min County in Gansu province. It is good for us to harvest Tang-kuei in the later autumn (5,11,15,32,33,34,35,36). In medical properties, it is sweet and pungent in flavor, warn in nature, and attributable to the liver, heart and spleen meridians. Its actions are nourishing the blood, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, moistening the intestine, and decreasing syndromes of menstruation (33,35,36). There are three kinds of processing for Tang-kuei. Steaming Tang-kuei with wine can enhance promoting blood circulation and decreasing syndromes of menstruation. Frying Tang-kuei with soil can enhance nourishing the blood, but can't moisten the intestine. Frying Tang-kuei with wood charcoal can stop bleeding. Traditionally, the head of Tang-kuei can stop bleeding. The body of Tang-kuei can enhance nourishing the blood, and the tail of Tang-kuei can remove blood stasis. However, in the modern research, components in head, body, and tail are no difference. In the modern science viewpoint, they have the same functions to cure (33,35,36). False Tang-kueis are Levisticum Officinale Koch (European Tang-kuei), Ligusticum acutilobum Sieb. Et Zucc (Eastern Tang-kuei), A. dahurica (Fisch. Ex Hoffm.) Benth. Et Hook. f. (Hsing An Pai Tzu), A. sp. (Yun Nan Tang-kuei)(33,37). Components in Tang-kuei are vaporized oil, Ferulic acid, Ligustilide, n-Butylidenephthalide, Cnidilide, Butylidens phthalide, Angelica Ketone, Angelicide, n-Valerophenone-o-carboxylic acid, senkyunolide I, Senkyunolide H, Sendanenolide, etc. (2,7,16,26,32,34)


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