Chinese Herb Processing

     Recently, biomedical professors in WHO acclaimed practically clinical medicine and treatment attracting health care service a lot. They consider practically clinical medicine and treatment and clinical Chinese one's program similarly. The guideline in Chinese medicine is Disease identification as the basis for determining treatment in Chinese medicine program. It includes four examinations, analyzing disease identification as the basis for determining treatment, checking principle and method of treatment, and inheriting traditional prescription. If we accomplish to treat patients, we have to fallow whole four treating procedure. When we use Chinese herb from traditional prescription, we don't use crude Chinese herb. Following guidelines of Chinese herb pharmacology and principles of disease identification as the basis for determining treatment, we use Chinese herb after processing because it decreases poison, enhance efficiency, change purpose, and make new purpose. After crude herb medicine becomes processing one, we can apply processing one to treat patients the best and decrease by-product for Chinese herb.

    The class of proceeding Chinese herb combines clinical Chinese physiology with especially traditional skill for applied science closely. Only passing requirement of class of proceeding Chinese herb, we can use Chinese herb specially and skillfully in clinical Chinese physiology. Moreover, we can apply different prescriptions to treat various patients in many kinds of diseases according to ancient and modern references. It develops advantage in Chinese physiology better.

     Chinese medicine includes crude Chinese herb, proceeding Chinese herb, and Chinese herb called “Three Big Columns” in Chinese medicine. Crude Chinese medicine is made from plants, animals, and minerals. It is also proceeding Chinese herb's material, and it can't be made used of prescription directly. Proceeding Chinese herb is following Chinese physiology and pharmacology's directions to be proceeded from crude one. In summary, according to profession, we are in co-ordinate with GAP and GMP Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer in China, and we sell good quality of Chinese herb and medicine for overseas purchasers. It is very important for our responsibility to sell commodities to clients. We appreciate our buyers for giving advice and support.


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