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      We are Venter International Co., Ltd., and we have been in Taipei, Taiwan since 1991. Our Office in Shanghai, China also has been since 1998. We not only Chinese herbal extracts and essential oils supplier and trader both in China and Taiwan, but also supply service for business consultant that help our overseas clients to apply to register their healthy food and cosmetic and help them assess their products and developing market in China. In addtion, we also accept contract manufacturing in China if overseas manufacturer would like to product in China. In 2004, we set Sanqi's Health Care Web up. In the web, we search a lot of traditional and modern medical references from Medline and NIH, and list them in our pages for Chinese herb recognizing. We usually update our information and reference for herbs when Medline and NIH upload their latest information in their web.

        Chinese physical and pharmaceuticals replace from tradition to contemporary. It is important for our responsibility to urge our Chinese medical field leading in the word. We should have to insist two principles in Chinese medical advancement. One is inheritance, and another one is creature. When Richard M. Nixon, pre-president in the US, visited China in 1972, people used to watch TV to understand China. At the same time, people also understood the magic Chinese medical in China such as acupuncture used by a bit of silver needle to therapy and operate in the surgeon without general anesthesia. Due to Chinese acupuncture, human urges itself to recognize traditional physical again especially in the mainstream of Chinese medical representative. Chinese Medical in China goes back the major trend of medical stage in the world. In the new Chinese medical trend, it includes returning to nature, looking for natural medicine and trend therapy, majoring in precaution and health care, thinking about new medical principle, and learning about new physical behavior. Creativity has to have scientific recognition and guarantee. Before Chinese pharmaceutical and physical walk into the global stage, they have to apply for the newest science technology in the world. World needs Chinese medical, and Chinese medical have to bridge the world between acknowledge and communication with science. In summary, we are really glad to communicate and exchange our experience with people each other in our web. We really appreciate you visiting our web, and it is our pleasure to give you a good service.

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